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Jul 14, 2012 6:30pm PDT
of the twins 8-3 in the eighth. great story and the u.s. senior open. the leader has only played one other time this year, he is the keddie for pga pro jim herring. he only plays about 25 rounds a year. he's four under par, bernhardt longer the big mover and a two- time masters champion. he guards a 64 alone at 10 under par. he leads the field by four strokes. tour-de-france 13 stage, a big crash, no major damage on the part of the racers. two racers ride at the line. he wins it by half a will. the race ends next sunday. nascar nationwide kevin heart ache in the 33 car blocked by the no. 24 car. heart ache loses momentum that allows brad cause laski to take the lead and the checkered flag of it is not happy. >>> somebody who should not be on the racetrack and those new clue what they are doing she wants to be danica patrick >>> we're just swapping paint. >>> that does it for this edition of eyewitness news. see you back here at 10 and 11 latest news and,,,,,,,,,, >> announcer: the following is a paid advertisement for montel's living well healthmaster, brought to you by tristar p
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1